Royal Fern | Shampoo

Royal Fern | Shampoo

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Royal Fern’s hair growth shampoo restores your hair’s natural strength and stimulates hair production while fern extracts provide effective protection against environmental stressors.

Ideal as a preliminary to a more advanced hair loss treatment.

The caffeine contained in the Royal Fern Shampoo reaches the hair follicles within a rapid space of time (120 seconds), helping prevent the hormone-induced depletion of hair production.

Avoidance of softening agents, such as silicone, alongside the addition of important haircare and hair-strengthening substances, such as keratin, improves the hair structure significantly: weakened hair regains its strength. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and the Royal Fern Complex provide the hair with additional protection from environmental stressors.

  • Free of mineral oils

  • Free of parabens