ISUN SKINCARE Amethyst / Calming Body Oil

ISUN SKINCARE Amethyst / Calming Body Oil

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Nature's tranquiliser, an embedded amethyst gemstone softly raises the vibration of this soothing body elixir. Herb-infused grapeseed oil marries with valerian and lavender extracts, further inducing inner calm and stability while jojoba and olive oils nourish the skin.

Amethyst may benefit the enhancement of the immune system and the balancing of hormonal function and purification. As the healing crystal for the third eye chakra, it promotes a deep sense of serenity.

ayurvedic balancing dosha - pitta

Suggested Use

Recommended for all skin types and for those who desire the balancing qualities of amethyst crystal.
For best results, apply to damp skin. Amethyst may also be used for massage.

Key Ingredients

Herbal infused grapeseed oil, Valerian extract, Jojoba oil, Lavender, Goji berry


Calming, Mentally de-stressing, Moderately moisturizing, Amethyst crystal energized, Third eye chakra

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